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The first event of the marketing week took place this Monday, October 18th. It was led by two speakers Reanne White (Integrated PR and advertising major) and Eryka Extejt (Marketing Finance major). The event program consisted of a series of mini-games, aimed to stimulate creativity among the audience:

The first game was “Brand Blitz”, the room was split into two teams, contestants were shown parts of famous brand logos, those that guessed the brand first, received a point. This mini-game was really a display of the concept of brand awareness, it created challenges and at the same time showed how important brand recognition is for a business.

“Emoji expert” was up next, where participants had to guess the brand based on the combination of emojis displayed, for example, a red circle and an image of our university mascot implied beverage brand “Red Bull”.

“Are you smarter than a marketer” game was a trivia familiar to everyone, nearly 40 people participated in Kahoot for a grand prize of a t-shirt. One of the most memorable questions was: “Why did Mark Zuckerberg make the Facebook logo blue and white?”, the answer left many baffled, turns out he is colorblind.

The final game “A minute to win it” was the most challenging by far. Groups of 3-5 people were given 20 minutes to come up with a marketing campaign for a product of their choice, they were free to choose from product lines that already existed or come up with a product of their own. Speakers encouraged teams to utilize presentation software such as PowerPoint or Canva. During the time given for preparation, all teams appeared to be engaged in active discussions.

As a result, four products were presented:

“I-Mask” – a face mask with climate control, the temperature is regulated based on your body temperature, comes with a disinfectant casing. Eliminates sweat and prevents the spread of the virus.

“Isolated skin” – a skincare line that includes face wash which “Locates, Isolates, eliminates”, adapts to any skin type, and solves most of the skin-related problems. “First of its kind, last you’ll ever need”

“Halloween mystery box” – what makes costume choosing a much more pleasant process? A big brown mystery bag with suggestive riddles on it! You can’t know what you’re getting, you can only guess, the factor of mystery is what makes it appealing to the masses.

“JBL float X” – “Speaker that levitates”, follows the owner. “Tired of earbuds? This is the solution!”. Team members described it to be “almost invincible and everything proof”, the fact that it “charges from gravity” and costs only 200 dollars makes it an absolute bargain.

The judges faced with a dilemma hesitated to choose the winner at first, but in the end, “Isolated skin” was judged to be the most innovative and exciting. After the winners received their prizes and well-deserved applause, came the time to cut the cake. The whole room began to move as everybody stood up to get a piece, among the chatting you could hear the words of congratulations, some even reflected back to the previous competitions. To conclude, the event was a success, those that were present at the event left with knowledge and a practical grasp of marketing inventiveness.


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