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Learn more about each committee and find which one fits you the most!


Digital Marketing is responsible for promoting AMA USF through means such as our social media, podcast, website, and newsletter. As a group, we work on promotional and engaging content to retain new members and keep current members informed about upcoming events and news. This committee is perfect for anyone who is social media savvy, creative, and a strategic thinker. Committee members will have the opportunity to expand their digital marketing and content creation skills. 


Contact Haley Cogan at if you would like more information! 

Meeting times

 Digital Marketing Meets every Tuesday at 7 pm

Digital Marketing
Pro Dev


Professional Development is in charge of contacting Tampa business professionals to come speak at our weekly General Body Meetings and our Lunch n’ Learn workshops! They want to have every member feel confident in their professional skills so they created and now manage the Shadowing and Mentorship programs! We also manage our Alumni relations. If you want to make connections with professionals in the field Pro Dev is for you!


Contact Tabitha Hung at if you would like more information! 

Meeting times

Pro Dev meets every Tuesday at 7:30 PM


The Fundraising committee is responsible for raising funds that help our organization thrive. This committee raises funds through various initiatives such as events, sponsorships, and the AMA USF’s e-commerce business. All of our funds go towards our members to send them to events such as the International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, the AMA USF bi-annual regional conference, and the end-of-the-semester AMA USF Banquet. Members who join will gain experience in event planning while networking with local businesses and improving customer service and sales skills.

Contact Emilie Leyva at for more information.

Meeting times

Fundraising meets every Thursday at 6 P.M.

Upcoming events!

03/01 20th Annual ScramBULL Golf Tournament



Consult-A-Bull is a student-led marketing agency dedicated to partnering with local clients in the Tampa Bay area to offer our comprehensive services. Our agency provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience. Students can develop skills that apply to their future careers such as graphic design, content creation, website design, and account management. In the past we have worked with companies such as Little Greek, Mojo Books and Records, and EPS Event Planning.

Contact Jya Johnson at for more information.

Meeting times

Consult-A-Bull meets every Wednesday at 6:30 P.M.


The purpose of the Social Impact committee is to research, plan and execute volunteer events and community service opportunities for AMA members. Our committee is responsible for advocating for social causes and creating a positive impact on the community. We are a team that works for the greater good while also helping students grow their marketing and customer service skills.


If you would like more information, contact Juan Carlos Justo at

Meeting times

Social Impact meets every Wednesday at 6 P.M.

Upcoming events!

02/20 - 02/27 - Food Drive

02/24 - Project Downtown

02/28 - Synapse Volunteering

Social Impac


The Events Committee is dedicated to creating and executing events for AMA USF. The committee works explicitly towards developing social events and the end of the year AMA USF banquet. Additionally, the committee hosts Marketing Week!  A week dedicated to having events to teach students more about the marketing industry. This committee is a great way to gain more experience with event planning, event marketing, and graphic design.


Contact Helen Ly at if you would like more information! 

Meeting times

Every Tuesday at 11 AM

Upcoming events!

Stay tuned to see upcoming events for this semester!

Follow our insta @USFAMA to stay updated



The Membership committee focuses on the recruitment and retention of members. We plan tabling events for AMA and head promotion around campus to acquire new members. They also focus on DEI initiatives like conducting internal audits of our systems and norms and proposing plans of action to our Executive teams. Additionally, the committee will work on multicultural campaigns to promote DEI within our organization and beyond. This committee is perfect for anyone interested in outdoor marketing, ethical practices and promoting inclusivity. 


Contact Duong Nguyen at if you would like more information! 

Meeting times

Membership meets every Tuesday at 7:30 PM

Our DEI Pledge

 Click here to view our pledge to DEI in our organization



The Case Committee focuses on strategic thinking, research, and analytical skills. Case partakes in an annual competition where last year we are partnered with The Sheath Foundation to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign. In this committee, we promote teamwork and collective success above all else as well as provide opportunities to develop and enhance sought-after skills in the business industry. As a top 10 AMA chapter, we value committee members with strategic and creative minds to help bring our marketing campaigns to life.


If you would like more information, contact Isabella Moore at

Meeting times

Case meets every Monday and Thursday at 4:45 P.M.

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