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Leaked 2022 Super Bowl Commercials You Might Find Interesting

Super Bowl Sunday is nearing, which means we will soon experience the ups and downs, and the true excitement of American Football. When it comes to the marketing aspect of this grand event, our team carefully picked some sensational insights.

In September of 2021, Dan Lovinger of NBC Sports Group reported that spots for 30-second ads this year cost around $6.5 million, if Lovinger's reports stand true, it means that this year's cost for commercials is record-breaking. Just so you could grasp the worth of said numbers, with 6.5 million dollars, you could purchase ~4,814 Cows, ~7,222 iPhones, or even ~650,000 pounds of Firm Shell Lobster.

You might be wondering by now, "Why do companies spend whole fortunes in order to advertise their product or services during Super Bowl?", to answer this question, let us consider the following perspective. Each year Super Bowl is historically the most-watched television program in America, Variety Intelligence Platform predicts a TV audience of between 97 million and 100 million watching this Sunday on NBC. Even a 30-second exposure during Super Bowl can grant your company a valuable rise in social media presence as well as an increase in your brand recognition, consumers will be signaled that you are a brand to trust, you are a brand to stick with.

Now, while we want you to stay focused on what happens during the game this Sunday, let us show what you should expect during the breaks:

Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda - Land of Loud Flavors

Lays - "Golden Memories"

Planet Fitness - What's Gotten into Lindsay?


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