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How to Prepare and What to Expect at ICC 2023

By Emma Sievert

USF AMA at ICC in Chicago, 2022

ICC, or the International Collegiate Conference, is an event that AMA members nationwide have heard of. This year, ICC will be held in New Orleans! Here are some ways to prepare and what exciting things to look forward to at this highly anticipated event!


What To Wear:

Starting off with the easiest part, what to wear. Just because you’re a business major does not necessarily mean you have to have a blazer (you may want to invest in one though), so here are some cute and simple outfits to wear to ICC! Remember, the dress code is casual on the 29th, business casual from the 30th-31st, and business professional for the banquet on the 1st!

I know that it still may be hard to put together an outfit, but I'm sure you will look amazing with whatever you decide!


What To Bring:

I hope everyone packs the essentials like clothes, toiletries, and whatever else you may need for this multi-day trip. Here is a quick checklist:

Since this is a business event, it would be best to come prepared with physical copies of your resume to bring to the Career Exhibits that will be taking place! Physical or digital business cards are another great way to get your name around to recruiters!

Want to perfect your resume? Here are some tips and tricks from one of our recent speakers, Ceara Metayer:


· 2 pages (never acceptable)

· Use cursive fonts

· Gigantic logos or fonts

· Include a photo of yourself

· Write “I” statements

· Vibrant/clashing color schemes

· Write full paragraphs


· PROOFREAD many times

· Education at the top of the

· Quantify achievements

· Use bullet points

· Always start job descriptions with a verb

· Match words/phrases from job requirements

Here is a great resource to get a digital business card (and it’s free!)


What To Expect At ICC:

There is a jam-packed schedule this year!

Here are some highlights of different activities to do while at ICC!

Digital Marketing Workshop: Unleash Your Potential as a Digital Marketer Today!

~ Learn from Cord Silverstein, founder of Advocacy Social, who will guide you through step-by-step instructions on digital marketing strategies, tactics, and tools. Discover how to develop a successful digital marketing plan, create engaging video marketing, build your personal brand, and leverage AI to do all this better, smarter, and faster.

Social Scramble & T-Shirt Exchange

~Join us for this fun-filled, high-energy networking session and get to meet your fellow Conference attendees and have a chance to win some prizes!

DEI in Marketing Panel

~During this panel, hear from faculty and student alumni of AMA’s inaugural Diversity Leadership Institute about their perspectives on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work in the marketing field. The DLI is a four-day Institute that allowed participants the opportunity to meet and interact with an intimate cohort of marketing students from historically disenfranchised and underrepresented communities in the field.

Marketing Strategy Competition

~The Marketing Strategy Competition takes place at the AMA International Collegiate Conference. We level the playing field for all schools, big and small, to challenge your wit, speed and presentation skills.

For a full list click here


What To Do In NOLA:

While ICC will be giving us plenty to do, there is so much to do outside of ICC too!!

Luckily, we will be located in the middle of all the best places to visit! Here are some places to consider during your free time

Café Du Monde: This iconic restaurant is only a 6-minute drive from the hotel. The Original Cafe Du Monde is a traditional coffee shop. Its menu consists of dark roasted Coffee and Chicory, Beignets, White and Chocolate Milk, and fresh squeezed Orange Juice. The coffee is served Black or Au Lait. Au Lait means that it is mixed half and half with hot milk. Beignets are square French-style doughnuts, lavishly covered with powdered sugar.

Museum of Death: This scary yet interesting place is only an 8-minute walk! The Museum of Death shares artifacts from real-life events with the hopes of making visitors “happy to be alive.” If true crime is your thing, this place is for you!

New Orleans Ghost, True Crime, Voodoo and Vampire Walking Tour: This night event is only a 10-minute drive. If you're looking for a no-holds-barred fright in New Orleans, explore the city’s dark history on this adults-only tour from Hottest Hell, one of the top-rated haunted tour operators in town. Storytelling guides save the most grizzly true-crime tales, voodoo legends, and paranormal frights for this one, taking you on the choice of two different routes through the most haunted locations in the French Quarter and beyond.

There is so much to do and see!


I really hope everyone attending has an amazing time full of learning, making connections, and having fun!

Look forward to the ICC recap blog!


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