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On the 21st of October, the fourth event of the marketing week took place. It was a "non-profit expo" situated in the BSN Atrium of the new building. The social impact committee worked carefully to contact non-profit organizations which operate in the Tampa Bay Area. With a group effort, AMA members brought various non-profit organizations for students to consider.

Let's go over some of them:

"Women Helping Others of Tampa Bay, Inc." - shortly referred to as "W. H. O." Their vision is to help improve the lives of others by providing resources, information, and a variety of other services to Tampa residents. W. H. O. focuses on those that are less fortunate, their mission is to teach them how to be "self-sufficient". Monthly feeding programs are aimed to eradicate homelessness among the community members, truly a valiant cause. Like any other non-profit organization, they are looking for those that care. If you are interested you can contact them through

Other resources: (813-649-7888)

2917 E 26th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605

"Faces of Courage" - Their adage is "Providing life-enriching experiences to adults and children touched by cancer". This organization works hard to provide cancer patients with an opportunity to spend a weekend where they don't have to wear their wigs, hide their scars or stop activities to take medication. Donations make it possible for cancer patients to attend free camps and events designed for fun and relaxation. Some events you can make possible: "Teen Cancer Camp", Santa's Workshop, "Summer Dayz Outings", and many more. The organization helped 11,000 families and counting. You reader can make a donation by visiting their website

Other resources: (813-948-7478)

10006 Cross Creek Blvd., #519 Tampa, FL 33647-2595

"Project Link" - is a community-based organization, dedicated to promoting educational achievement, access to mental health and health care service providers. Project Link aims to improve the overall well-being of low-income children. Their services include behavioral health-telehealth services, and case management services for families and children experiencing behavioral concerns in the classroom. You can visit them on

Other resources: (813-276-5671)

1315 W. Spruce Street Tampa, FL 33607

"Crisis Center of Tampa Bay" - this organization offers internships, where you can get a grasp of practical and meaningful experience by working closely with professionals in the Development and Marketing Department of non-profit agencies. Interning students can have a chance to assist with special projects that will expose them to the full range of programs and services offered by Crisis Center.

Students at USF have an opportunity to participate in a great cause. Contributing to society as well as gaining work experience is something young leaders should do. Join the Crisis Center by visiting

Other resources: (813-969-4989)

The non-profit expo was essentially a pathway into success for seeking students at USF. If you feel like altruism is your calling and you are interested, you should most definitely give it a try, contact one of the non-profit organizations above.


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