What Are Our Committee Leaders Planning?

In case you didn't catch something from our general meeting we had all of our committee VPs and Directors write a little piece on their committee and what they want to do this semester,

and they need your help!

ScramBULL Committee

"As the ScramBULL VP my goal is to first off hold a successful event. Currently we are needing to secure more golf foursomes, hole sponsors, raffle ticket items, and goodie bag items. I also want to revamp the committee's systems and way of doing things. In the past we relied a lot on who you knew. And I would love to supplement that by laying the ground work for a system that could help kids in the future be able to hold successful fundraisers. Another goal of mine is to simply expose general members to certain aspects of business like selling, when we go to businesses asking for donations, we are really practicing selling ourselves." -Harrison Chona, Co-VP

"My intention is to make ScramBULL a fun and exciting committee in order to get members involved. I believe that if we give our members the proper training, we can have more active members that will feel more fulfilled with their contributions to AMA. Most importantly I will strive to make the day of our golf tournament a fun and exiting experience for everyone involved. I hope to make everyone feel valued and get as many members involved in ScramBULL so this can be the best year yet. Being in ScramBULL will help me improve my professional speaking skills. The best part is that since I am in a leadership position I will learn how to delegate work and organize a group of people to work towards our objective." -Alejandro Gonzalez, Co-VP

"ScramBULL was the first committee I was involved in with AMA and I quickly realized the importance of communication in business. ScramBULL has given me great real-world experience with fundraising and event planning." -Kayne Conover, a former Director of ScramBULL

Social Impact Committee

"Being involved in your community is something that I believe is important to become well-rounded and develop empathy and compassion. Since high school, I have been involved with helping those less fortunate, whether it be with food, clothes or supply drives. I joined AMA to interact with other students who were interested in different aspects of Marketing. As the director of Social Impact I'm able to push social issues to the club that need our attention. Social Impact is dedicated to volunteering around Tampa in areas such as the Humane Society and Environmental clean-ups. This semester I'm excited to continue our project on de-stigmatizing autism with FACE (Florida Autism Center of Excellence) and starting a new project on child hunger in the Tampa Bay area." -Kristal Hamilton, VP of Social Impact