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Get Involved.

In this day and age, having a 4.0 GPA–all the while impressive–is no longer enough for people to land their dream jobs. While good grades are still important, the competition amongst students is increasing. Just about everyone has decent grades. So, what do you do to differentiate yourself from the John Smiths and Mary Janes trying to get the same job as you? The answer surprisingly comes from outside the classroom. Employers are looking at your involvement and activities outside of the lectures and exams. But what exactly are they looking at? Surely not how many nights you go out with friends, or how often you are ordering pizza every week. What they look for are clubs and organizations, jobs, internships, volunteering, and other ways of gaining experience that professors cannot teach. It is almost impossible to get through an interview without having to explain your experience and involvement outside of your daily school work. Lucky for students though, there are many, many organizations to get involved with right on campus. From the Kayaking Club to professional organizations, there is something for every interest you have–and if there is not one, you can start it!

But with all the clubs around, how do you find the best ones for you? Simple! Find the things that are important to you, find something related to your area of study, or find something you think is fun and join! Do not be afraid to try different things and do not be afraid to get involved. The experience you gain from these different clubs and organizations will only benefit you in the long run. Even if you’re worried, take the chance and prove to yourself that you can do it. Future employers are going to ask you about your involvement, make sure you have something to share with them! As previously mentioned, joining clubs and organizations are only going to benefit you–you’ll gain experience, confidence, and some really amazing friends. So, stop just going to class and going home and go make a difference.

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