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Want to help the next generation of marketers succeed? Here is how you can do it today!


AMA sponsorships open a path for student success. Interested students apply to receive this sponsorship to help their professional growth. A sponsorship allows potential members the opportunity to a full year of AMA membership for our chapter and AMA collegiate.


The sponsorship also covers a student's polo so they can proudly rock and represent our chapter! Official membership to AMA means exclusive access to invaluable opportunities for students. Your support helps more young marketers to be a part of something greater than themselves, as well as allow our chapter to continue to consistently grow and rise up the rankings.

Sponsoring a member allows them to get access to AMA's exclusive opportunities in:



Professional Speakers

Certification programs

Corporate Tours

Real World Experience

Professional Workshops

Leadership Development

How to Sponsor a Student

Visit our Sponsorship section on our E-Shop or click the link below to purchase a sponsorship today!

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