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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I want to become a member? 

You will have to come to one of our meetings, fill out an application and pay the chapter dues. If you can't come, email us to join our chapter. Or keep it even simpler and apply through our Join Us page!

Is there a deadline to apply to become a member of AMA at USF?


No, you can become a member anytime during the school year.


What if I have classes during the general body meeting? 


You can still be an active member of AMA at USF by attending other events such as committee meetings, corporate tours, socials, volunteering events, etc. 


Can I go to your general meetings if I am not a member? 


Every USF student gets 3 free meetings to our events before having to be a paid member. This is a good chance for you to explore and be confident in your choice of committing to AMA USF. 

What should I do if I want to go to the international conference in NOLA?


You should be an active member of our chapter. Attend as many events and committee meetings as you can to gain points. If you do this and obtain 6,000 points, AMA at USF will subsidize as much of your trip as possible.  

How can one participate in AMA?

AMA at USF arranges many events for members to participate and interact such as Social Impact volunteer events, general meetings, committees’ meetings, workshops, and fundraising events.


How does AMA benefit me post-graduation?

AMA can bring you many benefits such as having content for your portfolio, creating connections, gained experience for your resume, interact with other members, and become part of unique events.

What competitions does AMA participate in?

Some of the competitions that AMA USF participates on has been the website competition, the case competition, the recruitment video, etc.

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