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Meet the Team

Get to know AMA at USF's Executive Board a little more by connecting with them through LinkedIn! 

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Liyang NG


Major: Business Marketing with Supply Chain Management Concentration

Age: 21

Career goal: To develop, improve, and influence teams of people from different backgrounds within a united, growing company everyday.


Alyssa Oertel

Co-Vice President

Major: Marketing

Age: 22

Career goal: I want to become a Chief Marketing Office

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Lillian Eichenberger

Director of Consult-A-BULL

​Major: Marketing 

Age: 20 years

Career goal: is to work at a marketing agency in South Tampa.


Christina Marshall 

Creative Director

Major: Marketing with a Minor in Mass Communications

Age: 21 

Career goal: I am eager to find a niche where I can use my strong planning and organization skills to create quality content while making a positive impact.

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Gustavo Wengerkiewicz Storck

Director of Fundraising

Major: Supply Chain Management

Age: 19

Career goal: I aim to be responsible for forecasting and decision-making processes involved in entrepreneurial expansion projects for a multinational company.

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Uyen NGO


Major: Marketing

Age: 21

Career goal: I want to dive a bit more into branding and the creative design sign of marketing!

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Alicia Sullivan


Major: Finance and BAIS

Age: 20

Career goal: to be knowledgeable in my position and be able to help others learn and grow.


Salma Check

Director of Professional Development

Major: Marketing

Age: 21

Career goal: My future career goal is to combine my love for Fashion and Marketing and become a Fashion Merchandiser.

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Vanessa Chung 

Director of Case

Major: Marketing

Age: 21

Career goal: To open my own boba shop!


Joyce Felicier

Co-Director of Social Impact

Major: Global Business

Age: 19

Career goal: I would like to work with sports marketing in Spain.

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Alvin Appiahene

Co Vice President

Major: Marketing

Age: 21 years old

Career goal: I want to be a Marketing Manager of a Fintech firm and reach customers using innovative digital marketing techniques.

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Teju Calambakkam

Director of Membership

Major: Business Advertising, Certificate in Visualization & Design

Age: 19

Career goal: Anything in strategic & creative advertising


Fernanda Albanus

Vice President of Marketing

Major: Integrated Public Relations and Advertising

Age: 22

Career goal: As a sports marketing professional, I want to bring happiness to sports fans.


Reanne White

Director of Events

Major: Integrated Public Relations & Advertising

Age: 20

Career goal: I desire to become a digital marketing/ International marketing executive.


Cameron Davis

Co-Director of Social Impact

Major: Marketing/ Concentration- Digital Marketing

Age: 22

Career goal: I’d like to become a creative strategist. I also want to make a difference in my community through my marketing expertise.

Loran Jarrett

Chapter Advisor

Undergrad: Double major Marketing & Real Estate

  • MS Marketing 

  • Doctorate in Business Administration

Fun fact: I have moved 31 times so far in my life

Advice: Communicate. Keep to your word. Treat others with grace.

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