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There are a lot of events going on this year, so make sure to check out the full list to never miss out!

Please click here to see the full Calendar of Events.

Bullet Journal


AMA has a variety of committees to peak everyone's interest. There are committees that focus on fundraising, such as ScramBULL or committees that more focused on social media such as the Communications committee. 

Please click here to see a detailed list of the Committees.



This is a student-run marketing agency, which does marketing for a variety of real-world companies, in the form of flyers, social media, and more.

Please click here for more information about Consult-A-Bull

Business Team


AMA is very excited to announce that AMA at USF will be hosting the 2020 Regional Conference on in Fall 2020. The conference will have a mock version of the case competition and a variety of events.

Please click here to see more details on the Conference.

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