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Meet our student-led marketing agency


Consult-A-BULL is a student-led marketing agency that works with real companies to assist them in reaching their target audience, gaining exposure, and content creation.

Our agency allows students to gain relevant real-world experience and learn new skills that can be applied to future careers.


  • As a student-led agency, we work together to solve complex problems.

  • All Consult-A-Bull proceeds go to chapter operations. 

  • Lunch & Learns with CEO's

  • Pairing students with mentors 


Services Provided

  • Brand guidelines

  • Brand awareness

  • Event planning

  • Event execution​

  • Social media management

  • Web development

  • Surveys

  • Focus groups

  • Data analytics

  • Assess every aspect of your business

  • Provide solutions and packages 

Branding & Events

Digital Management



Agency Org Chart (1)-1.png

The Consult-A-BULL student-led agency is divided up into 5 teams that cohesively work together to produce content for businesses across the Tampa Bay area.

  • Our account team is solely responsible for communicating with our clients by organizing monthly meetings to present the agreed upon deliverables, keep weekly touchpoints with each client, and manage the internal traffic of the agency.

  • The strategy team meets weekly to discuss and research which marketing strategies would be the most effective for the clients and their target market.

  • The creative team is filled by graphic designers, content writers, and web analysts who work together to produce the appropriate content for each client's needs.

  • The social media team is responsible for managing the content that the creative team provides and posting accordingly to the contract guidelines for the clients.

  • Our recruitment team works on recruiting additional members throughout the agency and interviewing potential new members to find their ideal fit within the agency.


Consult-A-BULL also pairs each willing student with a mentor from several high profile agencies in the Tampa Bay area to assist the students with any questions, advice, and to grow their professional network. 

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